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Steps before joining our card program

When you open our app and start the registration process to get your Trees4Shopping debit card, bank account, virtual card, and to join our loyalty program, you will be asked to provide different documentation to prove your identity.

Please therefore have your passport and a utiltiy bill with your name and address ready before you continue. These are required by law for us to open a bank account in your name and to issue a debit card for you.

To secure your account, we use biometric identifiers to prove your identity. You will therefore need a webcam if you register using our web app, or you can use the camera on your mobile device, if you use Trees4Shopping's mobile app.

Note that your information and any transactions on your account are secured on a multi-decentralized private blockchains network — the first and most secure in the world — provided by Optherium Labs.
After we have processed the legitimacy of your identification by comparing passport, utility bill, and live photo, you will immediately be able to use your new bank account (IBAN account in EU). The registration and identification process should take about 2-5 minutes.

Your debit card will be produced and issued and may take three weeks to receive. Meanwhile, you can use Trees4Shopping's virtual card to shop online, or connect it to your Apple Pay or Google Pay and use it in stores that accept this kind of payment method.

You control everything with the Trees4Shopping app. You can send money to others, load your account from other bank accounts or cards, and even request money from others. All this is immediately available after you have completed your registration.

You can also immmediately start using Trees4Shoppings 4-40 cashback loyalty program, and start saving for your future while you shop.
Trees4Shopping's 4-40 cashback loyalty program equals an annual interest rate of 17.88%. That cashback should cover the costs of the card program many times.

To break down the costs; Trees4Shopping's debit card costs EUR 29 to produce and to deliver. After that, you pay EUR 7.95 in monthly subscription to our program. The debit card is renewed every third year.
What we offer is not just a traditional debit card. We offer a luxurious Trees4Shopping loyalty program that provides you a debit card, virtual card, bank account, web app and mobile app that can be used to communicate and make transactions many times faster, more secure, and with better usability than any other card program.

With our 4-40 loyalty program, you save in trees when you shop. Trees absorb carbon and produce oxygen. Trees also improve living conditions for food crops. They keep the soil moist, provide shadow and wind break, and hinder erosion. With all the positive effects of buying trees in our program, you receive 40% as cashback from everything you shopped for in year 14. You not only neutralize your carbon footprint, but even make money on it. The climate discussions may end by joining our program.

4-40 Loyalty Program

The Trees4Shopping's 4-40 loyalty program means you pay 4% on top of what you shop and pay in bills to save in trees. In year 14, you receive 40% cashback on everything you originally shopped and paid in bills. As an example, if you shop for EUR 100, EUR 4 goes to your tree savings program. In year 14, you receive EUR 40 in cashback.

The 4-40 program is an add-on to our Trees4Shopping card and bank service program, and is voluntary. You can turn the feature on or off in the app. As default, it is on when you register.
One tree costs EUR 8. As you shop, you can see in your Trees4Shopping app how 4% is added to your tree savings program and how much left you need to pay to get the tree. When you reach EUR 8, the circle ends and restarts its cycle and a tree is moved to your "forest" overview and becomes your tree. In the app, you can either show all trees you own at once, or display them in a graphical monthly overview for a specific year. In January each year, we also issue an annual tree certificate that you can display and print from the Trees4Shopping app. App overview of trees
Your trees are well taken care of by our partner Better Globe Forestry Ltd in Kenya, which is a forestry company that have developed systems to plant high quality mahogany trees on semi-arid areas since 2004. They have built a comprehensive program that at the end of 2019 involves more than 15 thousand small scale partner farmers in Kenya and Uganda to help them out of poverty by planting trees.
The tree seedling you buy will over the next 14 years grow and mature and will be bought back from you in year 14 to a price that equals 10 times the purchase price of the tree (EUR 8    EUR 80). If you buy trees in year 2020, you receive cashback from them in year 2034, where you at the same time will be released from the ownership of the trees.

The cashback from your trees are paid to your Trees4Shopping account.

Terms & Conditions

Our terms & conditions describe in more details the terms of using our website, how we collect and use your data, and terms and info regarding Trees4Shopping's card and loyalty program. Pricing details can be found under Price List.

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Trees4Shopping App

For your convenience, we have developed a Trees4Shopping app you can use to control all your payments and transactions on your iPhone or Android, and also a web app you can open using your browser on any computer or laptop.

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Trees4Shopping offers the most ambitious, comprehensive, and secure card savings program on the market, where you get your own bank account, debit card, virtual card, and app to manage your bank account and cards. When you shop, we add 4% to buy high quality mahogany trees. We buy the trees back from you in year 14 for ten times the price. Your 4% becomes 40%.

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