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Collection of your data happens in different ways and this page explains how the information is collected, why we collect it, how we use and protect it, how we may share it, and what rights you have to option out.

We are collecting your personally identifiable information when you use:

We are Trees4Shopping AS and has our registered address at Festelia 23P, 1525 Moss, NORWAY. If you need to contact us, please use our contact form and we will reply to you shortly.

Trees4Shopping Privacy Policy

Personal Information

We collect different type of information from you based on your use of our app, website, email, and social media.

Why We Collect Your Personal Information

The reasons for collecting personal information from you is based on one or more of the following:

  • Some of the services we provide to you cannot be done without this information.
  • We have legal responsibilities and obligations towards laws and regulations.
  • Sharing some of your info enables our partners or other organizations to customize and offer information, products, and services in your interests.
  • You consent to us collecting information from you when you use our site (see Website Terms) or Trees4Shopping app, and where you check a box to agree to our terms and policies.

How we use your personal information

We use your personal information to better provide you with the best services and products we and our partners offer, and to meet our legal obligations.

As part of our KYC (Know-Your-Customer) process, we use your personal information as an identity check and to approve your application whenever you apply for a product or service with us. We use your personal information after getting an account with us to meet our obligations when you use your Trees4Shopping cards, transfer money, and perform other transactions on your account.

We also use your personal information in order for you to communicate with our customer support and to provide services needed for your interaction in our card loyalty program.

We may use your personal information to keep you updated and inform you about our projects, new products, or services that may interest you, and to tailor your experience with us and our offers. We may also use your information to provide you with marketing and information from our partners' products, services, news, and promotions.

As an example, you may receive a newsletter from Better Globe Media about updates of our tree planting projects in Kenya. You can always opt-out of our newsletters from the Trees4Shopping app, from your account with our partners, and also from the "Unsubscribe" link provided in the emails.

We may use your personal information to improve our website and app, and to make your user experience the best (see Cookies).

We use information cookies to store information about your interaction with our website and the Trees4Shopping app. This helps us better understand your experience with us and how to improve it. We use cookies and your information for data analysis, statistics, troubleshooting, testing, surveys, marketing, and research.

With cookies we can for example store information about number of visitors, visitor's access and use of our service, and tracking of the visitor's clicking and interaction behavior. Depending on the purpose, this may allow us to improve our content or to create more relevant ads.

We may share information from cookies with other organizations to help us understand how our visitors engage with our services. Examples of such organizations are Facebook and Google.

We also have more necessary cookies that are required for our services to work. You can always go to the settings in your web browser to block the use of some or all cookies. Note that you may not be able to use part of our website or web app if you block our cookies.

You can opt out of Google Analytics without affecting how you visit our site. For more information on opting out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites you use, visit this Google page.

We use your personal information to support social interactions on the Trees4Shopping app, and to provide relevant ads.

One of the benefits with social connections is that you easily can recognize who you are sending money to or request money from. We display the picture (if registered) and name of the other person in addition to the Trees4Shopping bank account (as long as this person is in your contact list or you have sent or received money from this person earlier).

With the location service turned on, we can with your consent track where you are and for example provide information about currency exchange rate if you are in another country. We can also provide different features that may be of social value if people in your contact list is nearby.

We have legal commitments to collect personal information from you to check your identity to protect against fraud, to check if you are eligible to use our services, and to manage fraud risks related to your Trees4Shopping account. We may also collect information about your location (if turned on), and information from third parties to manage fraud risks.

With the location service turned on location_on, we can for example track and detect if your phone is somewhere else than where your Trees4Shopping card is being used to detect fraud and to stop the transaction from happening.

How we protect your personal information

Our system is located in a brand new Multi-Decentralized Private Blockchains Network™ with MultiSecure™, Dynamic Biometrics™ - based verifications. The Biometrics-based verification that you use to access the Trees4Shopping app depends on a group of private blockchain channels in the Ecosystem, each of which is responsible for a specific type of biometric data: dynamic facial movement, voice, fingerprint, and secret word. The platform is recognized as the most secure in the world and we expect all banks to move over to this platform in the next few years, where Trees4Shopping is the first private labeled organization in this Ecosystem. By being private labeled, it allows us to customize different offerings to our customers, like the 4/40 program (where you save 4% in trees and receive 10-times cashback in year 14).

The KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and Key Recovery Service (KRS) are modules that are also stored in this highly secured network, which are all used to identify you and where only you can recover the key to your account. This is revolutionary within security and your safety has never been taken better care of than by us.

If you decide to close your Trees4Shopping account with us, we will keep your information and transactions for six years. You have the right to redeem money from your account during these six years, even your account is closed. This is regulated by anti-money laundering laws. If there are no ongoing claims or other legal reasons to keep your information after these six years, your account and information will be deleted.


Trees4Shopping offers the most ambitious, comprehensive, and secure card savings program on the market, where you get your own bank account, debit card, virtual card, and app to manage your bank account and cards. When you shop, we add 4% to buy high quality mahogany trees. We buy the trees back from you in year 14 for ten times the price. Your 4% becomes 40%.

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