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This document defines the terms and conditions for your personal account in our Trees4Shopping App and its related services, including bank account and card. It also includes other important things you should know. This, together with the Fee page, and our other terms and conditions applicable to our services, form a legal agreement between you, the account holder and us, Trees4Shopping AS.


Trees4Shopping Privacy Policy

Registration and Closing of Account

You need to be 18 years or older to register an account with us on our Trees4Shopping app, and to receive our Trees4Shopping prepaid card (Mastercard or VISA), virtual card, and bank account (IBAN).

The technology behind our program is Optherium Labs, which is a global fintech company and a Blockchain-as-a-service provider, as well as a member of Linux and Hyperledger foundations. Optherium is Licensed in the EU for currency exchange and eWallet services and provides the most powerful, flexible, fast, secure and friendly ecosystem of products and services for business and end users, built upon Multidecentralized Private Blockchains Network.

The Trees4Shopping prepaid card is issued by ..... and the banking services are provided by .... .

To open a Trees4Shopping account, you must:

  • be 18 years or older;
  • have an ID like passport or driver license, depending on where you live;
  • have a bill in your name that shows the current address you live, like a utility bill (electricity, water), rent or similar;
  • accept and follow our terms applicable for opening and having an account with us;
  • register through our Trees4Shopping web app or mobile app;
  • not have closed a previous Trees4Shopping account; and
  • not have an existing Trees4Shopping account.

You can end this agreement and close your Trees4Shopping account at any time by contacting us. Contact our support either through our web contact form, or email, or through our app.

Before we close it, we will give you the opportunity to withdraw the money we hold for you up to six years. If you have unpaid charges or owe us money, you will still have to pay the outstanding amounts before we close your account.

Before we send you the money, we will convert to the currency in the country you live in, using the rate that applies at that time and our regular fee.

When you register through our Trees4Shopping web app or mobile app, you receive a bank account with an IBAN number linked to traditional banks in over 170 countries.

You receive a virtual card you can use for online shopping or through Apple Pay or Google Pay.

You also receive a plastic card usually within 3 weeks after registration. When you receive the card, you register it in your app, so it will be connected to your account and ready for use.

You get our Trees4Shopping app you can:

  • use to send, request, and receive money in easy ways;
  • view every transaction and status on your account,
  • receive notification to your mobile device each time a payment goes into or out of your account (can be turned on/off in the app or through your device settings),
  • view your contacts for easy transactions; and
  • much more.

You join our tree savings program where 4% is added on top of what you purchase or pay of bills to receive 40% cashback in year 14. This tree savings program feature can be turned on or off in the app, depending on if you want to save in trees or not.

Your account with us will be located in the most secure blockchain system in the world, where we are the first one with ID storage on a private blockchain with decentralized databases on a military grade level.

Restrictions on Using App and Card

There are restrictions for using your Trees4Shopping card, app and account. We might block, suspend, or close your account depending on security and safety issues.

Your Trees4Shopping card, app and account are connected to payment services and need to be handled in responsible ways, and you cannot use them:

  • for illegal activities, like committing fraud;
  • to give another person access to use them;
  • to harm our services; and
  • for speculative trading in foreign currencies.

We might block your Trees4Shopping account or card, if we have reasons to believe that it might be ussed fraudently or without your permission, or for other legal liabilities. If possible, we will let you know why on your Trees4Shopping app before we block your account or card.

We may suspend or close your account under these extraordinary circumstances:

  • if you have neglected on giving us required information, or giving false information;
  • if we have reasons to believe you behave fraudently;
  • if we have reasons to believe your use of our service could damage our reputation;
  • if you owe us money you don't pay within a reasonable time;
  • if you have broken our terms and conditions in a severe way;
  • if you use our app in a harmful way; and
  • if any law or judicature directs it.

We can change these terms:

  • to make them easier to understand;
  • if we change, add, or remove functionality and technology in our app and services;
  • if we change financial system;
  • if changes in our operations; and
  • to follow legal requirements.

We will give you one month's notice through the Trees4Shoopping app if any changes in these terms.

Yours and Ours Responsibilities

We use your personal information to better provide you with the best services and products we and our partners offer, and to meet our legal obligations.

Even we do our best to make sure you always have uninterrupted services through the Trees4Shopping app, we do not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted access. We strive to always do our best to avoid any problems with our services and to fix issues immediately. Where third parties are involved with our services, they will also seek to provide expedited assistance.

If we suffer losses or lose profit because you have broken these terms and conditions, you will be responsible for these losses, unless covered otherwise. You will also be responsible for any legal costs within reason that we may pay for your actions that lead to our losses.

In some cases you may owe us money, like unpaid fees. You may send money without having enough money in your account to cover the fees. In these cases, we will after 7 days cover the fee through your connected external bank account or card that you use to load your account. We will always recover money in EUR and you will be charged for any currency exhange fees.

We appreciate that you load and keep your account on the positive side of €50. If we cannot recover money you owe us, we may take legal action through a lawyer or debt collector, where you may be charged additional expenses.

If you are dissatisfied with our Trees4Shopping app or services, you can always contact our support either through our web contact form, email, or through our app.

Please include your name and phone number associated with your account, a short description of your issue with our service, and how you would like it solved.


4-40 Program

Our 4-40 program means you pay 4% on top of what you shop and bills you pay to save in trees. In year 14, you receive 40% cashback of everything you originally shopped and paid for bills. As an example, if you shop for EUR 100, EUR 4 goes to your tree savings program. In year 14, you receive EUR 40 in cashback.

The 4-40 program is an add-on to our Trees4Shopping card and bank service program, and is voluntary. You can turn the feature on or off in the app. As default, it is on when you register.

One tree costs EUR 8. As you shop or pay your bills, you can see in your Trees4Shopping app how 4% is added to your tree savings program. When you reach EUR 8 in the tree savings program, a tree seedling will be purchased in your name and become yours. The tree seedling will over the next 14 years grow and mature and will be bought back from you in year 14 to a price that equals 10 times the purchase price of the tree (EUR 8    EUR 80).

One tree equals EUR 200 in shopping and bill payments. As 4% is added to the tree savings program when you shop or pay your bills, you will have partial payments towards the tree until you reach EUR 8. The partial payments are deducted from your Trees4Shopping account and frozen on an account we have dedicated for tree payments. When you reach EUR 8 for the tree, we send money for your tree to our partner Better Globe Forestry Ltd. We accumulate tree payments for a full month until we send them to Better Globe Forestry on the 1st of the following month.

Better Globe Forestry is a forestry company with a main office in Kenya. They will take care of your trees until they buy them back from you in year 14. If you buy them in year 2020, they buy them back from you in year 2034. The money for your trees will be paid to your Trees4Shopping account. When you recieve the cashback for your trees as stated in this agreement, the ownership of the trees is transferred from you to Better Globe Forestry and you have no longer any proprietary rights or any other rights to them.

You cannot sell or transfer your trees to others.

If you close your Trees4Shopping account, you forfeit any future cashback on your trees, as the account is essential for the cashback, and the ownership of the trees goes back to Better Globe Forestry Ltd. You also forfeit money you have saved in a tree that has not yet been fully paid.

ary needs to be sent by mail to our office at:

1525 Moss

will pay back the trees. The outstanding cashback from the trees will be paid to the deceased's account with an annual interest rate equal to 17.88% from the time the trees were purchased till we receive the legal certified paper of beneficiary. After Better Globe Forestry has transferred the cashback from the trees to the deceased's account, the account will be settled and we will transfer the balance on the account to the beneficiary's bank account. Regular transfer fee and currency exchange fee will be deducted from the account, and any other unpaid fees that may be connected to the account. The account will immediately be closed and this agreement will end. If you have any questions in this process, please contact us by mail to our office or send an email to

Prospective buyers of trees in our 4-40 program, and their professional advisors, are invited to review any materials available to them of our program and any other matter relating to our Terms and Conditions, website, app, videos, brochures, or other marketing materials published by us. Feel free to ask questions to our representatives by contacting us through our web contact form, our app, or by emailing us at

If we use words like "investments," "estimates," "buying," "interest," "believes," "anticipates," "expects," "savings," "payments," "returns," "ownership," "paybacks," "cashback," and similar expressions, they are intended to identify a future prospective payback plan for trees you buy, but are not giving any guarantees. Such future prospective payback plan is subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, and the actual results could differ materially from our descriptions of future prospective statements.

We are not soliciting investors, or give advice of financial, fiscal, legal or any other nature, nor issue recommendations to buy, sell or otherwise engage in any opportunity up for sale or investment. All tree purchases made are associated with certain risks. We do not assume any responsibilities for the successful outcome of such purchases.

Other Important Terms


Trees4Shopping offers the most ambitious, comprehensive, and secure card savings program on the market, where you get your own bank account, debit card, virtual card, and app to manage your bank account and cards. When you shop, we add 4% to buy high quality mahogany trees. We buy the trees back from you in year 14 for ten times the price. Your 4% becomes 40%.

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